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Alexandra Giles

Alexandra works in the marketing department, and in 2014, bought her first house, which turned out to be somewhat of a ‘project’. Since then, the whole house has needed renovating, which has helped her gain a knowledge of basic DIY, decorating and making the best of a small space.

By Alexandra Giles

With the introduction of the UK government’s new Help to Build scheme, there is set to be a significant increase in the number of aspiring new homeowners who are looking to complete a self-build. As a result, this will boost the demand in the need for tradespeople such as manufacturers and installers required to work on self-builds.

Therefore, it is extremely important to know more about the doors and windows that you supply, how they fit the design of the home and be aware of the benefits they can bring to self-build projects. Choosing a reliable manufacturer is important to help meet project deadlines and keep customers satisfied.

In this guide:

• Learn more about what the Help to Build scheme is and how it will work.

Find out more about the key factors to consider when specifying and supplying doors and windows for self-build projects.

Learn more about the doors available from Origin and their benefits.

Find out more about the windows available from Origin as well as their benefits.

Learn more about becoming an Origin Partner and the benefits of specifying our doors and windows.

What is the Help to Build scheme and how does it work?

The Help to Build scheme is a new initiative from the UK government, intended to make self-build projects more affordable and accessible. The government has set aside a fund of £150 million to make self-builds a realistic choice for aspiring self-builders. Additionally, the government will reassure mortgage lenders by guaranteeing they will cover some of the losses that could arise.

In practice, the fund will allow potential self-builders increased access to lower deposit mortgages, meaning that anyone who wishes to design and build their own home may be able to secure a mortgage with a deposit that is worth only 5% of the houses’ projected market value. By facilitating these lower deposit mortgages, the scheme ensures that an increased number of people will be able to participate in building their own home. A new build can either be built entirely from scratch or they may be made to order.

It is predicted that 30,000 to 40,000 households are likely to use this scheme which means there is set to be a huge increase in the need for tradespeople and suppliers of doors and windows.

What to consider when specifying doors and windows for a self-build project

There are a variety of factors to be taken into consideration if you are specifying doors and windows for a self-build project to make sure that installation runs as smoothly as possible.

Lead times

One of the primary factors to be considered is the lead times of the doors and windows you want to specify. Doors and windows are often ordered as one of the last things in a building project, as you’ll be waiting on the aperture size to be confirmed before being able to order. By having a short lead time, it minimises the wait and will ensure that the project runs smoothly and the doors and windows are delivered to site and installed without delaying the rest of the build.

Lead times vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and will depend on the material they are made from as well as the style and colours that are selected.

At Origin, we have a zero lead time on some of our colours and door systems and styles. This means that you can specify when you want the windows and doors to be delivered to site for installation. Many door and window manufacturers struggle to deliver on their lead times and leave suppliers waiting months for the doors and windows. This is not ideal when it comes to self-build project where timing is of the utmost importance.

Available budget

The available budget should be a consideration because prices can be a decisive factor in the building project. Additionally, the available options will also be extremely important, such as double glazing or material for the doors and windows. Is there an availability of a range of French doors, bi-fold door or sliding doors, for example?


It’s important to consider whether or not the whole house of doors and windows can be specified by the same supplier. There are a number of benefits to using the same supplier for all of the windows and doors of a project, such as shorter lead times, less admin and more continuity when it comes to the final aesthetics and design of the build. In addition, using a single supplier can be a much more cost-effective option for your customers.

Product quality

Product quality is another extremely important factor to consider when looking to supply doors and windows to customers who are completing a self-build project.

All Origin Doors and Windows are made from premium grade aluminium, one of the most sustainable materials for doors and windows. Not only is it a more sustainable option than uPVC doors and windows that are not built for longevity and durability, but aluminium doors and windows are much more aesthetically pleasing too. Each of our products are available in over 150 RAL colours, are built for safety and achieve some of the lowest U-Values on the market, so they are incredibly thermally efficient too.

Choosing Origin Doors

Origin supplies a range of high-quality doors, perfect for a self-build project.

Bi-fold doors

Origin’s Aluminium Bi-fold Doors are available in a range of over 150 different colours and a variety of sizes and sightlines. They offer a low threshold option when connecting the home and exterior of the house, increasing accessibility for customers. They offer exceptional security, both from the doors themselves and from the choices of handles that are available.

Our Bi-fold Doors are available in:

  • OB-49 range with sightlines of 110mm
  • OB-72 range with 154mm sightlines

They are an excellent choice for new builds due to their modern appearance and being able to specify them to meet the specific needs of the build and customers. With high levels of thermal efficiency, they will also help to keep the energy costs of the house low in the longer term.

Sliding Doors

Origin Sliding Doors are an excellent solution for any new build. They offer exceptional thermal efficiency, durable yet lightweight frames, an attractive appearance and high security locking mechanisms. What’s more, they are specifically designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions, helping to boost their longevity.

  • Our OS-20 Artisan Slider boasts ultra-slim sightlines of 20mm and is able to accommodate large glass expanses for those self-builders looking to introduce as much natural light into their new home as possible.
  • Our Patio Sliding Door range is available in OS-29 (sightlines of 29mm), OS-44 (sightlines of 44mm) and OS-77 (sightlines of 77mm), giving customers a choice in the doors they choose.

These doors can give self-builders peace of mind as they come with a guarantee of up to 20-years. Aesthetically, they are extremely pleasing and allow custom choices for your customers, due to the variety of colours on offer, including grey, black, white and many others.

French Doors

If customers are looking for a more traditional appearance or an easy access door for part of their new home, French Doors are the perfect choice.

Origin French Doors provide a modern solution to a traditional style, as they are constructed from durable aluminium frames and benefit from enhanced security features. These doors are ideal for new build projects, thanks to the fact that they can be created to bespoke designs to meet your customers needs.

These French doors can open inwards or outwards and allow homeowners to maximise their available space. With an array of colour and size options, they provide the ideal solution for exterior doors.

Single Doors

Single doors help provide a modern appearance and feel to any new home. Like Origin’s other door ranges, they satisfy building regulations and maximise security and safety, ensuring that the home is protected. These doors are also built to last, coming with an extended guarantee.

These doors offer maximum ventilation and insulation, proving to be a year-round solution for external doors. They have exceptionally high-quality handles and can be tailored to an individual home’s needs in sizing and colour options.

Front Doors

The appearance of a front door is often a primary concern for anyone working on a self-build project is often a primary concern for anyone working on a self-build project as it is integral to the overall aesthetics of the house.

Origin front doors are constructed from premium grade aluminium and come in a range of sizes, styles, colours and finishes and can be fitted with a spyhole, letterbox and door knocker if desired. Fully customisable, these doors will give any self-build project the highest-quality finish. They allow for easy installation, making fitting fast and simple.

Choosing Origin Windows

Origin’s Aluminium Frame Windows are a bespoke option for all new-build projects. Double and triple glazing is available with all types of Origin Aluminium Windows and there are also a range of colour-coded handles to choose from.

Our windows are available in the following styles:

With extremely short lead times, ranging from only 24 hours for the most popular options up to three weeks for more bespoke options, they can be quickly and efficiently supplied by Origin, ensuring that your project timelines are kept and the project will be finished on time. The window style you choose may affect the lead times or the options available, so this is important to bear in mind when specifying windows.

The benefits of specifying Origin Doors and Windows

Specifying Origin Doors and Windows for a self-build project offers an array of benefits.


Origin Doors and Windows are built for longevity. They are designed and crafted from high-quality materials that are intended to withstand even the most adverse weather conditions and regular heavy-duty usage. This means that they are a cost-effective solution as they will not require replacement as frequently as many other doors and windows do.

Bespoke options

Origin Doors and Windows allow bespoke options which are essential in self-build projects as a self-builder might want to create a unique appearance for the home they are designing.

Whole house solution

As a whole house solution, Origin Windows and Doors can be used in any room in the home or for the house’s exterior. Crucially, this allows for shorter lead times, facilitating faster completion of the project and driving down the overall costs. All of Origin’s products comply with building regulations, so you can be assured that you’re supplying the best products for your customers.

To find out more about becoming an Origin Partner, please contact our team today.