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Alexandra Giles

Alexandra works in the marketing department, and in 2014, bought her first house, which turned out to be somewhat of a ‘project’. Since then, the whole house has needed renovating, which has helped her gain a knowledge of basic DIY, decorating and making the best of a small space.

By Alexandra Giles

The front door options and materials you supply to customers can have an impact on the quality, reliability and durability of the doors.

Here, we explain the benefits of choosing to supply aluminium front doors, and the different customisation options of the Origin Front Door.

In this guide:

Find out the benefits of choosing an aluminium front door.

Read more about how aluminium compares to other options such as wood.

Read the different bespoke and customisation options your customers can choose from.

Find out more about the Origin Residential Front Door.

What are the key benefits of choosing aluminium?

The key benefits of aluminium front doors include:

  • Attractive modern, sleek appearance

  • Very strong, durable and secure

  • Customers can rest assured that aluminium won’t crack, warp or rust

  • Energy efficient when combined with an insulated core

  • Custom-built to your customers’ exact needs

  • Low maintenance.

How does aluminium compare to other materials?

Quality wooden and aluminium doors will both perform well, but there are some unique advantages offered by aluminium that other materials don’t compete with. For example, aluminium doors don’t require a lot of maintenance. Most wooden doors will need retreating at some point to keep the wood in good order. If wooden doors are not maintained sufficiently, they can become vulnerable to warping and changing shape because moisture can get into the grains of the wood and it expands and contracts. Wood can also become infested with mites if not treated regularly.

If specified and installed properly, high quality aluminium are watertight, for optimum durability and longevity to the homeowner. They are also resistant to warping in different weather conditions. Once a door warps, the entire functionality is compromised. It can lead to gaps between the door and the frame creating draughts and water leakages, and in worst case scenarios, can mean the door won’t open and close properly.

Although wood is naturally a good insulator, draughts do often get in over a few years because of warping. Thermally-broken aluminium doors have been developed to rival and often exceed the insulating properties of wooden doors.

Origin Front Doors are coated with a high-quality finish to prevent the small risk of rust. Find out more here.

Choose from bespoke customisation options

Each home has its own unique character, and your customer’s front door should support the specific aesthetic and style of their home. Origin Front Doors are made bespoke to your customers’ needs, so you can ensure it’s making the right statement for their home. At Origin, we offer the following bespoke options:

A vast selection of colour options

When you supply Origin Front Doors, your customers can choose between a range of different colours for the panel, sash and frame. We offer over 150 different RAL colours, ensuring your customers find the right fit for their home.

The Kensington range is available on a one-week lead time in our six most popular colours. Colours outside of this and the Sandringham range of panels are available in five weeks.

Find out more about the colour and style options for our Front Door panels here.


The Origin Front Door is available in both single and French door configurations. They can also be used as a garage door or side exit door.

Open-in or open-out options

Depending on how much space your customers have outside and inside their home or garage, you can decide whether a door opening inwards or outwards would be better for your customers.

Available in 10 different panels

We offer a range of different panels – from panels that incorporate lots of glass to flood the hallway with natural light, to classic styles that never go out of fashion, through to ultra-modern aluminium panels – there’s a style to suit every taste.

Overall size

At Origin, we offer bespoke size options to ensure your customers get the front door they desire for their home space or garage space.

Handle options

The handles of an Origin Residential Door are the perfect finishing touch to the exquisitely designed system. Your customers can choose from a selection of elegant handle styles that have been designed and manufactured with the same level of care and dedication as every other component. Finishes available include stainless steel, chrome, and rose gold.

Threshold options

Three threshold options are available – weathered, non-weathered and mobility – which means that your customers can choose how they move through their Front Doors. Our mobility threshold option also allows suitable access for wheelchair users – creating an option for those with limited mobility.

Are you interesting in becoming an Origin trade partner? Contact us today.

Why choose to work with Origin?

20-year product guarantee

Origin Front Doors come with a guarantee of up to 20-years, providing reliability, reassurance and long-term peace of mind for your customer. It’s a demonstration of good quality so is a good selling point.

Premium quality aluminium

We use premium quality aluminium billets to ensure the doors are strong, durable and secure. When you supply Origin Front or French Doors, you can rest assured you'll be providing your customers with a premium product that is reliable, dependable, and built to last for decades.

Fast lead times

We offer unbeatably fast lead times to give your customers the design they are looking for within good time.

Excellent security

At Origin, door security for our front doors is a huge design priority for our Research and Development team. Our Front and French Doors are PAS:24 2016 compliant and Secured By Design accredited too. Our French Doors have been thoroughly examined and tested to make sure they’re fit for purpose in any property, from existing structures through to new builds and renovations.

Each of our French Doors can be specified with a specifically designed multi-point lock which provides 8-points of locking to ensure your customers’ homes are kept safe and secure. Our hinges and other door hardware are also designed and made with security in mind.

Low maintenance

Aluminium doors, in comparison to other materials, are relatively low maintenance and require little ongoing care.

Bespoke options

Your customers can choose from a range of bespoke options – such as the overall size, panel style, whether the door opens in or out, colour options, hardware options, and more.

Are you interested in working with Origin? Read more about becoming a trade partner here.

What is the Origin Residential Door?

The Origin Front Door is manufactured with premium-grade aluminium, comprised of only prime billets, and an ultra-insulating core, making it one of the highest-quality, yet affordable, aluminium residential doors.

Origin Front Doors feature extremely hard-wearing powder coating, which prevents oxidation and water stains and comes with up to a 20-year guarantee. Thermal efficiency also exceeds current industry and government standards.

The Origin Residential Front Door is made using pure aluminium and manufactured to the highest standards, making it one of the highest quality front doors available.

Read the benefits of becoming a trade partner here.

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