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Alexandra Giles

Alexandra works in the marketing department, and in 2014, bought her first house, which turned out to be somewhat of a ‘project’. Since then, the whole house has needed renovating, which has helped her gain a knowledge of basic DIY, decorating and making the best of a small space.

By Alexandra Giles

Front doors come in a range of sizes and styles, and it is important that you’re aware of how to specify the right sized door to match your customers’ needs. Available in a range of colours and designs, Origin Front Doors provide a unique, bespoke experience for your customers.

In this guide, we give you an overview of the various sizes and configurations available when supplying Origin Front Doors. We also explain how to determine what size front doors are needed for a customer’s home.

In this guide:

Read what factors you should bear in mind when sizing a front door.

Read what front door sizes Origin has to offer.

Read the benefits of supplying Origin Front Doors and how to get in contact.

Origin Front Door Configurations

Your customers have the options of Single Front Doors and French Doors, depending on the size of their entryway and how they wish to use the door. Find out more in our specification guide.

Our Front Doors can also be used in a garage space, and the Origin Garage Door is made in the same style as the Origin Front Door, to bring your customer’s home together and keep continuity whilst maintaining its unique look.

Read our guide to understanding garage doors for supply here.

In addition to these options, your customers are also able to choose a panel or mid-rail option when choosing an Origin Front Door.

What should you consider when sizing a front door for a customer?

Consider the following factors when ensuring a front door is the right size for a customer:

Consider how much inside and outside space they have

Origin Front Doors can open either internally or externally, so it is important to check which mechanism is ideal for your customer’s front door. When making the decision, you need to consider how much inside space your customer has to accommodate an in-swinging door.

Panel size

There are 10 panel styles available for your customer’s front door, and each individual panel design has its minimum and maximum sizes. Please see our online quoting and ordering system, OSS, for details on minimum and maximum panel sizes.

How wide is the entryway?

If your customer has an entryway wider than 1100 mm (roughly 3.6 ft), Origin French Doors may be ideal. Individual doors can be manufactured to a maximum width (with a multi-point lock) of 1200mm, with a maximum height of 3000mm. Therefore, French doors can fit in apertures of 2400mm, and if your customer’s entranceway is larger, side panels or flags can be added to the top or side.

Does your customer want to use their Front Door for garage space, or home space?

The minimum and maximum width and height options for a garage door can be found in our residential doors specification guide. If your customer wants to use their door as a garage door, ensure you check the customer’s garage door opening size, and how much space they have around they garage prior to ordering a garage door.

Measuring up a front door

Tradespeople should measure up a new front door for their customers to determine the size that they require.

Here is a step-by-step guide for measuring a front door correctly:

  • Step 1: Measure the opening (width) of the front e door at the widest point.

  • Step 2: Measure the opening (height) of the front door at the highest point.

  • Step 3: Measure the width of all the areas next to the openings.

  • Step 4: Measure the area between the ceiling and the top of the door opening.

  • Step 5: Measure the distance from the front door opening to the nearest obstruction.

What are the different Origin Front Door customisation options?

Origin Front Doors can be tailored and custom-made to fit bespoke specifications. In addition to bespoke sizing, we also offer the following bespoke options:

  • Colour: Available in over 150 different RAL colours, allowing your customers to choose the right option for them. Whether this be blue, brown or a classic black or white – your customers are guaranteed to find the perfect colour.

  • Design: There are ten unique panel designs to choose from, ranging from classic styles to ultra-modern aluminium panels. Customers can choose a design that is suitable for them from the Sandringham and Kensington range of panels.

  • Opening options: Origin Front Doors can open inwards or outwards. This allows your customers to select the best option to suit their available space and surroundings.

  • Handles: Customers can choose from a range of handle materials and colours – with a selection of both traditional and more modern designs.

You can find out more about Origin Front Doors in our specification guide.

Supplying Origin Front Doors

Why not become an Origin Trade Partner with us today? There are countless perks to benefit from! This includes:

Ongoing training and support

Origin’s technical support is readily available for all trade customers – from specification sheets and technical drawings to installation guides, Origin has everything you could possibly need. If you require further support, Origin’s dedicated service team are just an email or phone call away.

Product training

In addition to offering ongoing training and support, Origin’s On-Site Installation Training will also benefit all your installers by telling you how to efficiently and accurately install Origin products.

Origin Sale Safe (OSS) ordering system

In a matter of 5 minutes, you can get a bespoke quote and order instantly. In an industry where quotes can take more than 7 days to input by hand, Origin offers free, unlimited use of their incredible system to help increase your trade capacity and gain new business.

Read more benefits of partnering with Origin here.

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